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br::stage::Stage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addEnemyData (int time, char[] type, float posx, float posy, float v, double angle, Object par=null, bool target=false)
void addStarData (int time, int right)
void addWallData (int time, char[] type, float posx, float posy, float v, double angle=-90.0, Object par=null)
bool complete ()
void run ()
void set ()
void setEnemies ()
void setSound ()
void setStars ()
void setWalls ()
void start ()

Public Attributes

BackGround bg

Private Attributes

bool _complete
long cnt
long cnt1
int enemyCnt
ObjectData[] enemyData
int enemyNum
int enemyPointer
int music
int starCnt
StarData[] starData
int starNum
int starPointer
Enemy target
int wallCnt
ObjectData[] wallData
int wallNum
int wallPointer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file stage.d.

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