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util::rand::Rand Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

long genrand_int31 ()
uint genrand_int32 ()
double genrand_real1 ()
double genrand_real2 ()
double genrand_real3 ()
double genrand_res53 ()
void init_by_array (uint init_key[], uint key_length)
void init_genrand (uint s)
uint MIXBITS (uint u, uint v)
void next_state ()
float nextFloat (float n)
int nextInt (int n)
uint nextInt32 ()
float nextSignedFloat (float n)
int nextSignedInt (int n)
void setSeed (long n)
uint TWIST (uint u, uint v)

Public Attributes

int initf = 0
int left = 1
const uint LMASK = 0x7fffffffUL
const int M = 397
const uint MATRIX_A = 0x9908b0dfUL
const int N = 624
uint * next
uint state [N]
const uint UMASK = 0x80000000UL

Detailed Description

Random number generator.

Definition at line 14 of file rand.d.

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